Engaged Audiences

For the longest time, digital marketing has been focused on a user’s movement throughout the internet, including page visits, searches and information pulled from purchases. While these digital footprints are necessary to build profiles that identify members of your business’s target audience, this digital-exclusive process misses an essential opportunity: actual footprints.

Location Data

When your business can include real-time data gathered from user activity in physical locations, a more complex and complete picture of your target audience and their interests is available.

The proprietary software behind Engaged Audiences combines digital data inferences with cell phone ID tracking technology to identify and isolate users’s smart devices in physical locations. No more hit-or-miss marketing attempts with radius-based targeting and all the extra baggage that comes with it. Our technology is not only able to hone in on individual sites and events of any scale, but can also travel back in time over the last 12 months to identify and isolate location-specific past behavior.

Engaged Audiences Capabilities:

  • Identify user cellular IDs tied to locations and dates.
  • Isolate user cellular IDs to discover location movement over a 12 month period.
  • Scale location and date data, from hyper-specific to broadly encompassing.
  • Combine location data with digital behavior data
  • Provide your company’s campaigns with a CTR rate that surpasses industry standard – regardless of your industry.
  • Target B2C and B2B audiences

Work With Engaged Audiences

You have the opportunity to meet your leads exactly where they are and where they most desire to be. That’s the beauty of partnering with Engaged Audiences to grab attention for your brand, deepen engagement, convert leads into customers, and build the kind of brand loyalty you need to turn the flywheel for your business. Get in touch today.

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